fluff-about-usMy husband and I started off like most fortunate kids in U.S. Raised by amazing, hard-working parents who expected much, taught much (whether we wanted to learn or not), and loved us much. We both ended up graduating High School from New Philadelphia where we decided to make the next step in our academic journey at Ohio University.

I grew up within walking distance of one of the best ice cream shops in the country, Goshen Dairy, along with a wonderful little bakery, Aberth’s. Needless to say my sweet tooth was well-developed at a young age. I ended up working at the bakery on my breaks during High School and while at O.U. I was hooked.

Once Jason and I were married and settled (or so we thought), we started dreaming about bringing steamed bagels – introduced by Bagel Street Deli – to the Cleveland area. Although we decided not to move forward with our longings, it did get us thinking about opening up our own unique food and gathering spot.

Many moves and many jobs later, I ended up at Lucky’s Café in Tremont working with the most fabulous chefs and people. The focus was making all of our food from scratch utilizing as much local ingredients as possible. Again, I was hooked.

After working for some time at Permatex, Inc., as a Research and Development Chemist, Jason was lured by something he’d been dreaming about for quite some time. Jackie O’s Pub &Brewery had decided to expand and he had an opportunity to work with a talented team.

As fate would have it, with nothing to lose except our sanity, we decided to make the move back to Athens, giving up any sort of semblance of normalcy as we knew it.

Matt and Angie Starline of Starline Organics welcomed us onto their amazing farm and into their home and our friends in Athens welcomed us with open arms, helping every step of the way, while our parents supported us in so many ways.

We were blessed to have a space on Court Street open up and much encouragement from local friends. Fluff, our own little sugar shack, came to life with much inspiration, love and work. We thank all of you who made it possible.